Wednesday, May 28, 2014

T.O.W.E.L. Day

Together Outside While Enjoying Literacy

We got to spend some special time outside reading on a cool sunny afternoon! We first spent some time in the morning reading with our class mates. In the afternoon we met up with our buddy class. Each student in both classes made a book mark and got to exchange them with students from the other class. We LOVE spending time with our buddy class!


100 Days of First Grade have passed! Our brains certainly have learned a lot in 100 days of Mrs. H's class. We celebrated the day with some very fun activities all surrounding 100!!! Hundredth Day Hats, everyone brought in 100 items in a baggie and students got to sort them into different groups on mats. Students created original masterpieces using the die cut #100 (these all turned out so cool!) We all know how much Mrs. H LOVES chocolate chip cookies- one student brought in 100 chocolate chip cookies. We divided them out between the who class and timed how long it took our class to eat 100 chocolate chip cookies! That was hard to do without a little giggling which sent crumbs flying through the air!!! We did 100 different exercises to work off those cookies! Overall such a fun 100th Day!!!


GONG XI FA CAI!! Happy Chinese New Year!

Our class really enjoyed learning all about the customs and traditions surrounding the Chinese New Year. We compared it with our own New Year's customs and traditions. A class favorite was creating our own Chinese lanterns. Students chose symbols they felt represented them and the lanterns looked amazing hanging in our hallway. Best wishes for a great year to all!!!



Mrs. H Meets MOBY!

Mrs. Halloran spent a few days at the Orlando Convention Center at the Florida Educator's Technology Conference (FETC). This is one of the largest ed tech conferences in the world and she was SOOO excited to attend and get her "nerd" on! :) She got to see lots of new and exciting things coming out as well as get lots of ideas and resources to use in the classroom. Her favorite was getting to meet a class favorite,  MOBY from! She brought back LOTS of prizes and "gadgets" for all of her students. She even got invited to one of the tech company's VIP dinners where she won an iPad mini!!! WOOP!!! Kids AND teachers love technology. Mrs. Halloran can't wait to go back next year!

Birds of Prey

Every year CTE students get to experience a special visit from a couple who travels to different schools to education students on Birds of Prey. Students learn about the different birds and their habitats as well as threats to their existence. Students get to see these real live birds up and personal as the guests walk around the room with the birds. They even let the birds soar across the room over our heads! All the of the birds were either born in captivity or injured and not able to be released back into the wild. The students really enjoyed seeing them and learning about them. The bald eagle was a favorite, he was injured by a gunshot wound to the wing and can no longer fly.




Snowmen Glyphs

Students completed a snowman glyph by answering questions about winter and things they like to do. Based on their answers they created their snowman with certain characteristics. For example: If you like to snow sled color the scarf blue. If you like to drink hot cocoa, give your snowman 3 buttons. After completing the questions and creating their snowman, students enjoyed finding other snowmen similar to their own. It was amazing to see some of the similarities! Such a fun activity to get our brains warm and toasty on a chilly winter day!